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5 Simple Steps to Find the Fastest DNS Server for Your Computer

Many people find that the fastest DNS Server list on this page is indeed the fastest DNS Server of all DNS servers that have ever been used. However, not everyone feels the same. The speed of a DNS Server is not only determined by how fast the DNS server to resolve domain names into IP addresses but also the distance between the DNS server and your computer. That’s why sometimes a DNS server that is used by someone is not necessarily appropriate when it is used by others in different locations and networks.

Everyone supposes to look for the fastest DNS and the one that is closest to the location because with the combination, the process of domain “resolving” to the ip address would be much faster and it will be more convenient for you to browse the internet since it feels faster and responsive. Actually, most of ISP (Internet Service Provider) has provided DNS servers to be used by the client and maybe this is the fastest DNS as its location clearly closest to your computer. But, is the DNS reliable enough if it is compared to other public DNS servers? We need to benchmark to find out.

There are 3 popular tools for DNS benchmarking, DNSBench, NameBench and DNSJumper. You can use those 3 tools to find DNS that suits you. These apps are free and fairly easy to use. However I will only discuss DNSBench since I think that the application is the best, although somewhat more complex compared to the other applications. Follow the steps below to find out the fastest and closest DNS Server for you:
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Free Fast Public DNS Server for Faster Internet Browsing Experience


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    Domain Name System (DNS) is a database system which translates a domain name (which can be remembered easily) into an IP address used by computers for communicating to each other, for example when we put the address of GetDriver.com in a browser, that address will be translated to by DNS server. The translating process from a domain’s name to be an IP address takes a time, so the faster DNS that you use, the faster this process will be.

    Many internet providers provide free public DNS Server but only few ones are fast. I have already tried several free public DNS Server from some world-class providers and I can feel the difference, web browsing is faster and more responsive.

    These are the lists of 18 free fast public DNS Servers that I recommend you to use (April 2017):

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    Logitech C170 Webcam Review

    Webcam Logitech C170 has received so many positive feedbacks as well as reviews from many sources. Logitech said “Logitech Fluid Crystal” technology has made it possible for the webcam to provide better picture compared to the other webcams produced by the other manufacturers which are offered at the similar prices.

    Logitech has included several features to the C170 webcam at the official site. Here, I will discuss about those features one by one:

    Plug-and-play setup, easy to use

    Logitech said that this webcam is really easy to set up and this is really true. You only need to plug in the USB cable to the USB port and the webcam will be automatically detected by Windows 7. You can directly use the webcam for Yahoo Messenger, Skype, or anything else even without any need to install the software first.

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    How To Make Logitech G100 Mouse Lighter

    Gaming Mouse Logiteh G100 is a mouse from Logitech which has the similar shape with Logitech M100, but unfortunately there is a difference between them in weight. Logitech G100 is 18 grams heavier than M100. When I would buy that mouse, I have already known about it and I guess the difference of 18 gram won’t be felt, but my prediction was wrong. The difference of 18 grams is obviously felt in that mouse, that is why many other gaming mouse completed with a ballast as its heavy control, which can be taken off easily to lighten the mouse and it is put on to add the mouse’s weight.

    These are several steps to make your mouse Logitech 100 lighter: More How To Make Logitech G100 Mouse Lighter