Logitech C170 Webcam Review


Webcam Logitech C170 has received so many positive feedbacks as well as reviews from many sources. Logitech said “Logitech Fluid Crystal” technology has made it possible for the webcam to provide better picture compared to the other webcams produced by the other manufacturers which are offered at the similar prices.

Logitech has included several features to the C170 webcam at the official site. Here, I will discuss about those features one by one:

Plug-and-play setup, easy to use

Logitech said that this webcam is really easy to set up and this is really true. You only need to plug in the USB cable to the USB port and the webcam will be automatically detected by Windows 7. You can directly use the webcam for Yahoo Messenger, Skype, or anything else even without any need to install the software first.




Clear video calls

With “Logitech Fluid Crystal” feature, this webcam is really capable of providing better picture quality and it is more than just enough to have video call. However, for you who want HD video quality, this webcam is not for you since Logitech C170 just has small resolution sensor (VGA)


5-megapixel photos

This feature seems like a marketing gimmick from Logitech. 5 mega pixels resolution photo produced by this webcam is actually the result of software optimization.

Built-in mic with noise reduction

For the microphone, I should give two thumbs up for Logitech C170. The microphone has great quality and can produce the sound which is totally free from annoying background noise.


Universal clip

This feature is simple but really useful. With flexible clip, you can attach this webcam anywhere you like such as on the laptop screen, on the LCD or even on CRT monitor.


Motion detection

One more feature that I really like from Logitech C170 is the motion detection feature. This webcam can be used as security camera and you can also determine when the motion feature detection is activated. This webcam will record the video whenever it detects some movement inside the room.


I really recommend Logitech C170 for you who want non-HD webcam which is reliable enough since the overall capabilities of this webcam have quite good value although there are some features which are actually only marketing gimmicks.

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  1. This is a question rather than a comment.
    I am really excited about this webcam and would like to buy it.
    The only thing I´d like to know in advance is whether WIN8.1 is supported as well. I use this OS and thus WIN8.1-compatibility is a prerequisite for me.

    Thanks in advance.

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