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Logitech Gaming Combo G100 Review (Keyboard & Mouse)


Logitech issues a series of keyboard and mouse that is reasonably priced for gamers, i.e. G100 Gaming Combo. I bought it a few weeks ago from a computer shop near my house. Some of the factors that encouraged me to buy the G100 Gaming Combo are: The price that is quite cheap at only about USD $30; at that price, we can get a gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse made by Logitech and the shape of the mouse that is similar to the Logitech M100; I really like the Logitech M100 because of its very comfortable grip and its lightweight.

Logitech G100 Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech positions this G100 mouse as an upgrade for the G1 gaming mouse and also targets it to fans of Logitech M100 mouse. This is why its shape is created as closely as possible to the M100’s shape. Those of you who have used the G1 or the M100 will mostly feel very comfortable using the G100 mouse for gaming. Unlike the Logitech G1 and M100, G100 mouse has outer cover that looks cheap and not glossy, but the cover actually makes the mouse not slippery when grasped.

Logitech Gaming Mouse G100
Logitech Gaming Mouse G100

Logitech Gaming Mouse G100 Specifications:

  • 2500 dpi optical sensor
  • Ambidextrous design (Equally comfortable in either hand)
  • High Polling Rate 500Hz / 2ms Respone time
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity / DPI adjustment
  • Slick polytetrafluoroethylene feet
  • Lightweight mouse (106g)
Avago ADNS-A3055 Sensor
Avago ADNS-A3055 Sensor

Logitech G100 uses Avago ADNS-A3055 sensor similar to that of the slightly more expensive Logitech gaming mouse, Logitech G300. The difference between them is obvious in the number of buttons: Logitech G100 only has 4 buttons including left button, middle button, right button, and the DPI button, whereas the G300 has more buttons. DPI level available in the Logitech G100 includes 1000dpi, 1750dpi and 2500dpi. DPI level can be adjusted by using DPI button. DPI button placement is so appropriate that it doesn’t cause annoyance when we are playing games; though the absence of DPI LED indicator is so disturbing that shortly after we change the DPI level, we have to try to move the mouse only to find out the current DPI level.

Logitech Gaming Combo G100
Logitech Gaming Combo G100

Polling rate (or report rate) determines how often the mouse sends data about the cursor position and the key pressed to the computer. The higher the polling rate is, the faster the computer responds to the movement of the mouse. Logitech G100 has 500Hz polling rate, which means that the mouse data is sent to the computer every 2ms. There are many high-end gaming mice that have polling rate up to 1000Hz (1ms), but many of them decrease their polling rate to 500Hz or even lower than that because the 1ms difference of polling rate delay between 1000Hz and 500Hz is not too perceivable. Perhaps you will argue that the faster is the better? Not really, because the high polling rate burdens the CPU when the mouse is moved; therefore, many gamers prefer to use 500Hz polling rate, unless they have a great CPU that will not be burdened when the 1000Hz polling rate is activated.

Logitech M100, G100 and M210 (from Wireless Combo MK260)
Logitech M100, G100 and M210 (from Wireless Combo MK260)

When choosing a mouse, apart from observing its outer shape, I usually have to sense its buttons when they are clicked: the depth of the click, its stiffness, and its sound. I have several Logitech mice that are very similar in shape, Logitech B100, M100, G100, and M210 (from Logitech Wireless Combo MK260). I conclude the depth of the click of the G100 is the same with that of the B100 and M210, while the M100 has the lowest click depth:

M100 < B100 = M210 = G100

For the level of click stiffness, among the four mice, the G100 has the stiffest click, although it is still comfortable, especially for gaming. And this is one of the factors why I like the Logitech. It can make various mice with different specifications but they are still comfortable to wear. Comparison of stiffness of the G100 is as follows:

M100 < B100 < M210 < G100

The clicking sound of the mouse button of the G100 is the loudest when compared with the other mice. If you use this mouse in a quiet environment, the clicking sound may be very annoying. However, the clicking sound of the G100 shouldn’t actually be taken into account as this is a mouse to play games and usually when playing games, gamer wears a headset so that the sound of the click barely causes disturbance. The level of clicking sound of the G100 is:

M100 < B100 = M210 < G100

Apart from the key, the other thing I look for when buying a mouse is the weight of the mouse. G100 has weight similar to that of M210 wireless mouse (with battery) while the M100 and B100 weigh about the same:

M100 = B100 < M210 = G100

As a gaming mouse, Logitech G100 is also designed not to have Drift Control, a feature that can automatically correct the movement of the mouse. I will explain the term "Drift Control" in another article. In the absence of Drift Control, the position and movement of cursor or weapon’s crosshair in FPS games can be very accurate. But of course it takes a steady and trained hand to be able to optimize this feature.

Logitech Mouse G100
Logitech Mouse G100

Logitech designs G100 with internal ballast in order to provide more stability to the mouse when it is not moved, thereby compensating for the absence of Drfit Control. If you usually use a wireless mouse (with battery), you will not have to rigorously adapt yourself with G100 mouse as its weight is about the same with that of wireless mouse. However, if you prefer a light gaming mouse, you can always remove its ballast, although doing so is rather difficult. I will explain the tutorial of how to release the ballast in another article.

Logitech G100 Gaming Keyboard Review

Logitech G100 Gaming Combo Keyboard is a low profile keyboard for a gaming-level keyboard. There is no LCD screen, no weird LED indicator lights, no macro key, basically, this keyboard is a regular keyboard with few buttons used to play games that are colored differently. The keyboard is quite comfortable to use for playing games or typing, the sound when the button is pressed is fairly quiet, very different from the noisy mouse buttons. Nothing else to be said, this keyboard is enough to play game.

Logitech Gaming Keyboard G100
Logitech Gaming Keyboard G100

Logitech SetPoint Software

Logitech SetPoint for G100 mouse is used for setting the level of its DPI. By default there are 3 levels DPI, namely level 1 at 1000dpi, level to at 1750dpi and level 3 at 2500dpi. We can change the value of those levels with this software. However, the tools for setting macros are very lacking; therefore, I recommend you to use a third party software called "X-Mouse Button Control" (http://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/XMouseButtonControl.htm), a free application that can program all kinds of mouse with macro script in accordance with our preferences.

Macro program will not be incorporated into G100 mouse because this mouse does not have a memory for storing macros, all is processed by software. The absence of memory for macro script in this mouse makes it a bit troublesome for you if you frequently use different computers because you need to repeatedly install the X-Mouse application and then to reprogram it.


Logitech G100 Gaming Combo is suitable for casual gamers, not serious gamers, who expect a gaming device with capabilities equivalent to those of high-end gaming device by keeping the mouse’s shape similar to that of the non-gaming mouse from Logitech. Logitech G100 provides a simple gaming mouse that puts the most important factors of a gaming mouse, including High Polling Rate, No Drift Control, High DPI (adjustable) and the outer cover texture that is not slippery.

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