HP Deskjet 5740 Windows 7 Drivers


Windows 7 Driver x86 – x64

Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system already contains a basic driver for HP Deskjet 5740. Just plug in and Windows 7 automatically detect and install the driver.

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14 thoughts on “HP Deskjet 5740 Windows 7 Drivers”

  1. The driver that comes up when I try to print gives me an error 20 – does not recognize my 5740 printer. Supposedly my windows 7 automatically chose this driver from what was loaded but it doesn’t work. Now what/ it won’t load from the disk either. Doesn’t contain driver for Windows 7.

  2. This is a lie. I plugged it in and it DID NOT install the drivers automatically. I don’t know why sites just can’t give out an OFFLINE installer, because in companies that have proxies and whatnot, it doesn’t always work.

    1. I’ve got the same problem as Bill says, and I really don’t get it either, why can’t there be an offline driver. With my windows 7 these drivers DID NOT came!!! And it DOES NOT install them automaticly!!! but it does tell me I have a problem…

  3. Did anyone get a fix to this problem? I have a new HP laptop with Windows 7 and it won’t recognize my 5740 printer. Thanks for any help.

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