Download Driver HP LaserJet 1020-1022 Windows XP 32-bit

hp-laserjet-1020-1022 xp

Driver – Windows XP (x86) driver for HP LaserJet 1020 / LaserJet 1022 (3)

*updated Jan.10.2014

HP LaserJet Full Feature Software and Driver Version9/18/2012, 81.2M
HP LaserJet 1020-1022 Driver (Windows XP)

HP LaserJet 1020 and 1022 Printer series Hostbased Plug and Play Basic Driver Version20120918, 2.59M
HP LaserJet 1020-1022 Driver (Windows XP)

HP LaserJet Full Feature Software and Drivers Version:4.0, 367.86M
HP LaserJet 1020-1022 Driver (Windows XP)

Utility – Diagnostic Tools (1)

HP Print and Scan Doctor Version 4.2, 5.84M
HP LaserJet 1020-1022 Driver (Windows XP)

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