Acer Aspire 4520 4520G Windows 7 Drivers (32-bit)



Windows 7 (32-bit) Drivers for Acer Aspire 4520 & 4520G:


Chipset NVIDIA Driver Ver.13.13 21 MB

Aspire 4520 Windows 7 Driver (32-bit)

Chipset NVIDIA Chipset Driver (MCP67) 13.11 7.5 MB

Aspire 4520 Windows 7 Driver (32-bit)

Audio Realtek Audio Driver ALC288 58.3 MB

Aspire 4520 Windows 7 Driver (32-bit)

Bluetooth Broadcom Bluetooth Driver 57.6 MB

Aspire 4520 Windows 7 Driver (32-bit)

Camera Suyin Camera Driver 3.3 MB

Aspire 4520 Windows 7 Driver (32-bit)

CardReader Ricoh Card Reader Driver (R5C833) 3.62.02 4.1 MB

Aspire 4520 Windows 7 Driver (32-bit)

CIR Nuvoton CIR (Consumer IR) Driver 7.6 MB

Aspire 4520 Windows 7 Driver (32-bit)

Modem Agere Modem Driver 2.2.97 1.5 MB

Aspire 4520 Windows 7 Driver (32-bit)


Aspire 4520 Windows 7 Driver (32-bit)


Acer Updater 1.02.3502 7.8 MB

Aspire 4520 Windows 7 Driver (32-bit)

Dritek LaunchManager Application 3.0.04 3.0 MB

Aspire 4520 Windows 7 Driver (32-bit)

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62 thoughts on “Acer Aspire 4520 4520G Windows 7 Drivers (32-bit)”

  1. hi,

    Can you help me, I am looking for the installer of touch pad for my aspire 4520. I am using window 7 (32bit)

    Hope you can help me.. thanks

    1. You don’t need that… windows 7 will automatically detect and install driver for touchpad…

      1. Hi.. I have a cracked version of Windows 7 for Acer Aspire 4520 n touch pad driver isnt installed.. Pls help

  2. hii i need the driver for coprocessor of my acer 4520 aspire series how to go abt tht plz tell me……..

  3. my aspire 4520 have prob with sound..
    ‘no audio output device is installed’..
    how to fix it…thx

    1. dam_hot_2day :
      my aspire 4520 have prob with sound..
      ‘no audio output device is installed’..
      how to fix it…thx

      I’ve same problem. anybody knw this?

    2. My sister’s laptop got the same first it was on and off..on and off..till it completely gone..and even the dvd-rom is missing recently..I’ve try to fix it for months now..drivers..bios update..even opening the laptop’s body to check the hardware and trying to see if there’s anything wrong (Just and knocked here and there actually.. haha)..nothing solve it..It has nothing to do with the Operating System..I’ve read across the web..some got the problem in xp some in vista, win 7 even I believe the problem is with the motherboard..

  4. I’ve just install windows 7 and I have problem with the driver to make it aero transparency. What should i do? can i download the driver in the internet?

    1. just install display driver & open the properties of my comuter & rate the system properties then u can use the aero transparency

  5. Hi! I have problems with the wireless adaptator. seems to be off, and I can´t turn on b´cause the button to do it is not working. what can I do?

    1. Gusgo, did you fix your problem with the wireless butron? I’ve got the same and I don’t know how to fix.

  6. I got the same problem with Leong, about the card reader… I installed already ur driver n succed but it wont work,when i inserting SD card or MMC, seems no card inserted. It works well on windows XP but i cant use it right now… Help.. Thx

  7. hi..
    i still got problems after installing all the drivers required for win 7 32 bit..there are still unknown device and base system device that not install yet in device to settle this problem.? can u help me.? thanx..:)

    1. unknown device is a part that the device on ur operating system is basicly doesnt have on ur notebook.

      to fix it…
      try ‘on’ the bluetooth module
      within intrnet connenction is ON
      just let windows intallling bluetooth device automatically
      so its fix up….

  8. Hiii ,,,,
    Can u help me ??
    VGA on my laptop acer aspire 4520 can not be installed on windows 7 …. why ???

  9. hi bravo man.!!
    ur site was fantastic in solving lot of people’s problem on finding driver..

  10. very very thanks yaar. i was to change my laptop for driver problem. you saved my laptop.
    may god give u all things u want in ur life.

  11. i have a problem regarding sound.
    it is showing that ” no audio device is installed”
    if anybody knows plz help me.

  12. Hello

    I have Acer aspire 4736Z laptop computer but the system manager didn,t function. please send me the system manager for window 7 program

  13. hi..

    Can you help me, I am looking for the broadom lan driver for using wi-fi for my aspire 4520. I am using window 7 ultimate (32bit)

    Hope you can help me.. thanks

  14. hii i using window 7 and i need the driver for coprocessor of my acer 4520 aspire series…..can someone help me…

  15. pls i need assistance on installing audio sound to my acer 4520, i formated it to Xp ever since sound was not detected. its giving me a headache pls i need help

  16. hi all
    i have a problem… trying to find AHCI raid controllers for Windows 7….aspire 4520
    i don’t want to change to IDE setting….coz i heard AHCI can improve the performance….so i just don’t know y the hell!! that acer didn’t have 7 raid controller on its website
    ….someone please?

  17. hi evry1
    i am using acer4520 win7 entrprse edition
    whnver i try 2instal the webcam driver it prompts me webcam not found pls help with this

  18. Desde Chile (From chile)
    El unico dispositivo que no me reconoció fue el coprocesador.

    Pero te agradesco mucho por la informacion.


  19. Sir whenever i installed the display driver my screen will divided in to 4 parts. without display driver it works ok..but the resolution is dull (1024/768)…can u help me in that..please give me a supportable software for it..i will very thankfull to you.thanks.

  20. anyone my aspire 4520 cd/dvd drive just vanish from bios n windows have tried everything i fond online even got a new drive and just wouldn’t come alive. The disc will seems to be red etc but no action on the screen, a couple of time after trying to read disc it showed for a brief moment and gone, I need the drive to work. Thanks in advance for any help

  21. anybody has the DMA controller ? mi acer aspire 4520 is w7 ultimate 32bit
    please share it with me is the last one !!

  22. i still can’t to solve my problem abaout audio,,i have install realtek driver for acer 4520 but still cannot to hear audio..can u help me to solve my problem..TQVM

  23. m unable to install bluetooth drivers it shows bluetooth not found or connet it properly n i cnt switch turn on bluetooth from shortcut keys given aove plz help me so ht i cn fix it. thnk yu

  24. My Acer Aspire 4520 responds with “No device” when the bluetooth button is pushed. It says it comes with bluetooth, which is why I tried to use it. I went to the Acer website to download the bluetooth driver and when it started to download it said there was an error and to make sure a bluetooth device was connected before continuing. I don’t know what this means and couldn’t get the driver to finish downloading because the only option was to cancel download,Also, when I pressed the Blue tooth Key near the power button it doesn’t light up. Perhaps the problem lies inside

  25. hello,
    I have a problem with my Acer Aspire 4520G laptop.
    Problem is whit screen because I can saw only the half of the screem.
    In the half is all information.
    I think that maybe can be a driver problem.
    Can somebody help me?
    Thank you.

  26. problem for my laptop aspire 4520g
    wen i reformat my laptop and i install again the window all my games are not working and it will standby by 20min. and then re-start automaticaly then it work again but if i open again onother punction let say my media player and il stop the player it will stand by again for 20min. and re-start again automaticaly

  27. I have installed windows 8.1 on my laptop Acer Aspire 4520 and now I am having problem in finding it suitable drivers where I can get them ?
    Please suggest ….Thanks

  28. abe bhai ye acer aspire 4520 and 32 bit me bluetooth driver install kyu nahi hota jara bataye samajh nahi ata

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