Acer Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Drivers (32-bit)



Windows 7 Drivers (32-bit) for Aspire 4736:
Compatible with Aspire 4736Z, 4736G, 4736ZG
OS: Windows 7 All Versions 32-bit
Server: Acer
UPDATE 1: Mirrors available…
You can download Aspire 4736 Applications here…



  • Drivers update available
  • All download links updated

VGA Nvidia Driver 232.7 MB

Aspire 4736 Series Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Wireless LAN Broadcom 20.5MB

Aspire 4736 Series Windows 7 Driver (x86)


Chipset Intel Chipset Driver (GM45) 2.4 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Audio Realtek Audio Driver 58.4 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Bluetooth Broadcom Bluetooth Driver (2045 and 2046) 57.7 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Camera Chicony Camera Driver 2.8 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Camera Suyin Camera Driver 3.3 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

CardReader Jmicron Card Reader Driver (JMB385) 1.0 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

CardReader Realtek Card Reader Driver (RT5159) 6.1.7600.30104 7.2 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Fingerprint AuthenTec Fingerprint Driver 6.1.48 103.9 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Lan Atheros LAN Driver (AR8131) 4.5 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

SATA Intel SATA Driver IMSM 21.4 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

TouchPad ALPS Touchpad Driver 7.x5.2002.1306 9.1 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

TouchPad Synaptics Touchpad Driver 29.1 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

VGA Intel VGA Driver For UMA 49.8 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

VGA NVIDIA VGA Driver For N10MGE1 187.66 197.5 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Wireless LAN Atheros Wireless LAN Driver (XB63 XB91 HB93) 21.1 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Wireless LAN Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver 16.3 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Wireless LAN Intel Wireless LAN Driver (5100/5300/5150/5350) 4.8 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Wireless LAN Intel Wireless LAN Driver (CondorPeak) 7.1 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

Wireless LAN Ralink Wireless LAN Driver 7.7 MB

Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Driver (x86)

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165 thoughts on “Acer Aspire 4736 Windows 7 Drivers (32-bit)”

  1. help me please….
    my webcam doesn’t work…
    i had tried chiconi and suyin driver, but still not work…
    what is the solution for this problem…
    please… thx b4.

    1. u just instal Chicony Camera Driver’t instal Suyin Camera Driver..
      it’s gud work friend..try..wokeh..

    2. try to find out first the model name of ur laptop bro then down load HWVendorDetection exe for u to know wht kind of vendor u need to download and install to ur laptop. dont also forget what OS ur using. ok. hope it will help

  2. I allready installed all the drivers for win 7 ultimate, but why I can’t use volume button at the right of keyboard ? Do you have any solutions ?

  3. thank for help the drivers and some support.
    I would like to request for the motherboard driver because my com is dose not work wireless network. If you fine let me share how to repair the problem.

  4. my acer 4736G problem using window computer hard to detected dvd rom and hang..i ll have tried to reformat my notebook several time also i delete all partition still this problem occur should i contact acer about this matter

      1. is it require driver for cd/dvd rw drives? My laptop acer aspire 4736z did not coping files from cd.

  5. please help………. I already installed all the drivers for win 7 ultimate, but why I can’t use volume button at the right of keyboard ? Do you have any solutions ? please help…

  6. mau nanya . .
    kenapa ya pake win7 resolution’y jadi kecil . .
    padahal saya sdah download driver’y . .
    mhon bantuan’y dan solusi’y gmn . .

  7. knp gw skrg pke win7 tpi vga ram.y cma 64mb.. sbelumnya pke xp vga ram.y 256mb pke vista jga 256 mb..
    ap aplikasi yg hrus dgunakan??
    pdhal gw dh instal driver.y…

    1. please try to change (override) vga share memory setting from BIOS…

      btw, intel vga has feature that automatically adjust share memory size depends on its needs. so don’t worry, the memory size will automatically increase when your vga need it.

  8. not functioning my usb external keyboard need to download card reader my problem is how to able this jmicron card reader to my computer i already download but not function so help me my laptop model is acer4736Z.tnx..

  9. my acer aspire 4736G microphone not working, is there any solution? i tried skype and msn and all they give is buzzing sound

  10. where i can download for power saver management, mine is not working after used windows 7. Asking for solution please!!!!
    thx b4

  11. my lexmark x442 imaging devices is not working? what do i do and what is the function of that? and where do i get a drivers of my laptop model is aspire 4736Z? aspire 4736Z and aspire 4736 model is the same????my os is windows 7. and im planning to change to xp for a couple of week.thanks

  12. Pake Chicony Camera Driver 2.8 MB, untuk Acer asphire 4736 bisa jalan dengan baik. kalo pake Camera Suyin Camera Driver 3.3 MB gak bisa.

  13. hi… i downloaded the windows 7 and now my side volume and backup well actually all of them are not working…. plus my mouse touch pad to scroll up and down isnt working too… please help me through this… please =)

  14. whether all the necessary drivers installed?

    or there are some types who have the same functionality?

    if there is a similar function please give me the best option to install

    1. not all drivers… select driver that compatible with your aspire 4736 model… for example, if your laptop has Intel VGA only.. then you don’t need to install nvidia driver

      1. there are 6 drivers for W Lan. Should i install all of them or which one that would work on my aspire 4736?

  15. help me please….
    i have installed win 7 in my PC, but when i opened the Computer Management there are some other devices not installed yet, but there are no specification for those, only Base System Device..
    thanks before…

    1. Base system device is a Card reader device… please install card reader driver… if you don’t need it.. just disabled it 😉

  16. please help……….my acer 4736z I already installed all the drivers for win 7 ultimate64bit, but why I can’t use wlan(wifi) ? Do you have any solutions ? please help…

  17. please help…do have any solution my sounds is noisy in voice call the caller cant hear my voice,even when i do video via web cam its noisy.tnx

  18. help me please…
    my cd-rom doesn’t work after I used windows 7 enterprise..
    Acer 4736G…
    do you have any suggestion?

  19. hello,
    my acer aspire 4736g have a very big problem…it cant detect cd or dvd..sometimes…it cn only open the file from cd or dvd after i had restart this laptop for more than 10 times…is this about the driver from window 7 or because of the cdrom itself…

  20. I got a prob wit the side keys that is the power safe key.. the light keep on althought i ve pressed it for so many times.. im using win 7 now, but there is no any driver for that.. hope u could help me… tq..

  21. i had just upgarded my Acer Aspire 4736 from windows vista to win 7 .the problem is that my laptop does not shows wireless connections… do i need to install drivers for WLAN connection if yes which one??? plz help me ppl!!!

    1. yes….

      Turn the laptop over so the bottom is up and the rear panel is facing you
      the WLAN manufacturer is listed on it….

  22. after installing windows 7 ultimate, my dvd rom won’t show up in my computer? do i need a driver?

  23. PLZ Help me after upgarded my Acer Aspire 4736 from windows xp to win 7,my dvd rom won’t show up in my computer? do i need a driver?

    Plz… help~Help…

  24. my laptop volume is does not work as well video is not working………. wat i have to me

  25. im using windows 7 on my acer aspire 4736z. before i reformat my pc, i have this menu from intel for my grahpics. i think its gui is color violet, dark blue maybe. but now i cant find a driver for it. help me please. i think this will me on my games to be widescreen.

  26. I use win 7 for my aspire 4736..
    But the wifi does’nt work..although i have install the driver…
    Give me your suggestion please…

  27. Hi,
    Can you please let me know if ACER 5736Z support bluetooth tranfers , I have spent hours on the same machine trying to connect bluetooth but it simply doesn’t work by any means. What do you suggest?


  28. gan mau tanya nie,, kalo driver buat W7-32bits yang suport buat VGA untuk Cyberlingk youcam 4 deluxe ap?

  29. i have a acer aspire sa85 desktop and it came with win xp but i installed win 7 everything works fine except i need drivers that will work can you plz help


  31. salam… nak tanya kenapa lptp acer 4736 saya tak surport main pes 2011 guna win7 tp bila guna win xp ok je… adakah mslh drivernya.. harap boleh membantu…

  32. you have not actually answered what to do for not detected device esp. the dvd player. do i need specific driver for that? tnx GetDriver you’ve been very helful

    1. DVDrom doesn’t need any specific driver. please restart your laptop, then go to BIOS. please check whether DVDRW available or not… if it’s not available in BIOS then it’s impossible to be detected under Windows.

          1. DVDRW is already available in BIOS but still can’t work. what should i do? my laptop is acer 4736


  33. GetDriver,

    I cannot connect to my LCD using HDMI cable.
    The LCD & cable is good coz i use it to my PS3 but when i connect it to my laptop it shows nothing.
    Do I need to install a driver or something?
    Any suggestion very much appreciated.

  34. please tell me how to pug in blue tooth in my acer aspire 4736z lap top.when i install software came massage and saw me as please plug in bluetooth

  35. I cant get my webcam to work with the acer aspire nor my wifi. Its so frustrating. Am I missing a driver? What can I do?

    Mike Bell

  36. please help me, my ASPIRE 4736Z already install WIN PRO 7 64 – BIT ENGLISH 1PK DSP OEI DVD. but, if i launch games, the resolution is going like wide screen. why? for other files is fine, just games. i realy need your help soon, thanks..

  37. my acer 4736z has an OS of windows xp and its not genuine .. i wish to change it to wondows 7 .. I have the cd installer of windows 7.. what else do I need?

  38. h,
    I use a laptop eMachines E525 WIN7 32/64 BIT but its Microphon dosn’t work so i need to download a realtek Audio driver ( HdAUDIO.SYS
    Version: 6.01.7600.16385 (English ) to activat its MICROPHONE.
    please hep me.

  39. Hi, I downloaded and installed Windows 7 Ultimate onto my Inspire One notebook, which originally had Windows 7 Starter. Now my built-in mic won’t work on anything live, Google+, Skype, MSN Calls; but it does work when recording video messages or testing upon set up. What do I need to get it to work in realtime?

    1. Try this:
      Start>Control panel>Sound>click “Recording” tab>please make sure “Microphone Realtek High Definiton Audio” as default device

  40. i have a laptop Acer 5736Z, i have installed all the drivers but i cant access wireless internet, what’s the problem?

  41. I got my acer 4736G with win7 ultimate, there’s one problem I can’t solve. Win 7 detected my dvd-rom only for 10 mins after the laptop started, then the dvd drive is missing. Still, laptop can’t load any application when in that 10 mins. Hardisk indicator indicates the hardisk keeps running. After that 10 mins, when the dvd drive is missing, all application can be opened. All system is running well, restarting still can’t help, the dvd drive keeps missing. When u shutdown then turn the laptop on again, the dvd drive will be available, but only within 10 mins. Pls help 🙁

  42. hey,,,,,plz tell me wat happen to my wi-fi…its working 5 10 min continue…after that it will automatically disconnet….plz tell me wat to do..

  43. mba/mas, Judulnya sudah sesuai dengan seri Notebook saya. tp kenapa mencoba untuk instal VGA Nvidia Driver 232.7 MB tidak bisa yah?? muncul keterangan ” The NIVDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit.”

    Mohon pencerahannya. terimakasih…

  44. sir my webcam working but sound is not listening
    i am using win-7 os and installed the vista suyin camera
    please help me

  45. Hi,
    i install W7 on my acer 4736g, i downloaded the fingreprint driver from acer support web but the always said unable to detect fingerprint device.
    Pls, is any body help me.


  46. help! me friends i hav installed window xp i am not getting any driver bcause i can only install window 7 drivers i want only xp driver plese help frnds….

  47. Hi igot an acer aspire 4736g with win7 2gb ram,and ndivia geforce g150m,32 bit
    My problem is if I play 3d game my laptop turn off no alert. Must I download driver?
    Sorry for bad english.

  48. i installed windows 8.1 pro and activated it, but my laptop has stretched destop and all things and driver work properly except brightness, plz help me

  49. please help me!!! I have downloaded the fingerprint driver for my acer aspire 4736z… but, i can’t istall that driver…. pls help….

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