5 Simple Steps to Find the Fastest DNS Server for Your Computer


Many people find that the fastest DNS Server list on this page is indeed the fastest DNS Server of all DNS servers that have ever been used. However, not everyone feels the same. The speed of a DNS Server is not only determined by how fast the DNS server to resolve domain names into IP addresses but also the distance between the DNS server and your computer. That’s why sometimes a DNS server that is used by someone is not necessarily appropriate when it is used by others in different locations and networks.

Everyone supposes to look for the fastest DNS and the one that is closest to the location because with the combination, the process of domain “resolving” to the ip address would be much faster and it will be more convenient for you to browse the internet since it feels faster and responsive. Actually, most of ISP (Internet Service Provider) has provided DNS servers to be used by the client and maybe this is the fastest DNS as its location clearly closest to your computer. But, is the DNS reliable enough if it is compared to other public DNS servers? We need to benchmark to find out.

There are 3 popular tools for DNS benchmarking, DNSBench, NameBench and DNSJumper. You can use those 3 tools to find DNS that suits you. These apps are free and fairly easy to use. However I will only discuss DNSBench since I think that the application is the best, although somewhat more complex compared to the other applications. Follow the steps below to find out the fastest and closest DNS Server for you:

  1. Download DNSBench at this address http://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm. The size of this program file is quite small, only 163KB and we do not need to install it.

  2. Double click on DNSBench.exe > click tab Nameservers, DNS on your computer will be listed on the top line.

    Step 2 - click Nameservers tab

  3. Click Run Benchmark, DNSBench will benchmark your DNS system with some global DNS that is quite well known such as Level 3 Communications, Google DNS, Symantec DNS, etc. The process will run for about 5 minutes.

    Step 3 - click Run Benchmark

  4. Once the process is complete, it will pop up a window that says “Consider Creating a custom Nameserver List for Yourself”, click Build Custom List. DNS Bench will compare the DNS default on your system with approximately 4.849 DNS servers from around the world, and after that, DNSBench will make a list of the “Top 50” fastest DNS specifically for you.

    Step 4 - Consider creating Nameserver list for yourself
    List of the “Top 50” is stored in the file “DNSBench.ini” which is located in the same folder as “DNSBench.exe”

    Top 50 best DNS servers - DNSBench.ini

  5. You can click on the tab labeled Tabular Data and Conclusion to know in detail the results of the DNS benchmark that has been done.

    Step-5 click Tabular Data and Conclusions tab

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13 thoughts on “5 Simple Steps to Find the Fastest DNS Server for Your Computer”

  1. How can we trust the servers listed on the 3 software u mention? i see this website does not seem to make any money from ads and the 3 utilities, how do they make money? they are free right?
    so wondered do you do this to help people? Would love to find a safe DNS utility but am very skeptical of them as we’d be routing all our traffic via these servers right so in theory they could serve us fake bank login’s etc. any reassurance would be good. thanks

    1. Umm, those 3 utilities only test DNS temporarily, they are not meant to be running nonstop. You do not need to do any browsing or whatever during testing.

  2. Fastest is not always the best option. I prefer FamilyShield by OpenDNS or YandexDNS Family or Norton B or C.

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