How To Make Logitech G100 Mouse Lighter


Gaming Mouse Logiteh G100 is a mouse from Logitech which has the similar shape with Logitech M100, but unfortunately there is a difference between them in weight. Logitech G100 is 18 grams heavier than M100. When I would buy that mouse, I have already known about it and I guess the difference of 18 gram won’t be felt, but my prediction was wrong. The difference of 18 grams is obviously felt in that mouse, that is why many other gaming mouse completed with a ballast as its heavy control, which can be taken off easily to lighten the mouse and it is put on to add the mouse’s weight.

These are several steps to make your mouse Logitech 100 lighter:

  1. First we must open the rear mouse pad carefully, just open the half in order when it is re-attached, its position doesn’t change.

    Logitech Gaming Mouse

  2. Then use a screwdriver to open the screw

    Logitech Gaming Mouse 2

  3. The inside part of mouse Logitech G100 can be seen like this picture below

    Logitech Gaming Mouse 3

  4. Take off the ballast inside of the mouse Logitech G100 using screwdriver.

    Logitech Gaming Mouse 4

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