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Skyhook Wireless Hybrid Positioning System (XPS) Service Version 27.28 MB

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Skyhook Wireless Hybrid Positioning System (XPS) Service Version 27.28 MB

This package provides the Skyhook Wireless Hybrid Positioning System (XPS) Service for the supported notebook models and operating systems. In the absence of Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware or where a GPS signal is not available, this service collects information about access points that are present at your location and compares them to an Internet-based database to approximate your geographic location. If GPS hardware is present and enabled and a GPS signal is available, the service determines the geographic location from the GPS hardware instead of access-point information.

File name: sp54372.exe
Released: Aug 11, 2011

Fix and enhancements: Provides support for HP hs2340 HSPA+ Mobile Broadband Module.

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