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Chipset Intel Chipset Driver 2.0 MB Acer Aspire One 571h Windows XP Drivers (x64)

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Chipset Intel Chipset Driver 2.0 MB
Acer Aspire One 571h Windows XP Drivers (x64)

Acer Aspire One 571 Review
Another Aspire One, but this one is quite a bit different.
Not so much on the outside, as the chassis is apparently based on the AOD150. It also shares the same internal specifications, but has some additional components. The screen size is 10.1 inch still, but the resolution was increased to 1280×720 with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The Intel Atom N280 however cannot reliably decode H.264 or HD video in general at that resolution, that’s why it’s supported by the Quartics QV1721 Multimedia Coprocessor. It does accelerate decoding and encoding(!) of H.264 and other codecs, and also adds hardware scaling and filtering.

Another addition is quite unusual. Acer added an optical disc drive, but not a regular one like ASUS did with the EEE 1004DN. Instead they opted for Vmedia, which are basically tiny Blu-Ray discs, protected in a plastic cartridge, with a diameter of only 32mm (Blu-Ray: 120mm) and a capacity of up to 2GB. If you don’t notice the loading mechanism for the discs: it’s on the left, indicated by the Vmedia logo.

It certainly is an interesting new entry in their netbook line, but the marketing name was probably not chosen wisely. It can easily be confused with the AO751, which is a completely different machine.

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