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Dell Management Pack Application Version 3.1.1,A00 Dell Latitude D630 Windows XP (32-bit)

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Dell Management Pack Application Version 3.1.1,A00 Dell Latitude D630 Windows XP (32-bit)

This package provides Dell Management Pack Application for Microsoft System Center Operations Mana and is supported on Enterprise Servers, Latitude, OptiPlex, Powervault and Precision models that are running the following Windows Operating System: Windows Server 2003, XP and Windows 7.

Fixes & Enhancements:

  • Fixed Dell Server and Printer Management Pack ( code was modified with fixes for discovery of Storage Controllers with Server Administrator version 5.5, and a known defect with health of Virtual Disks, where in some scenarios health of Virtual Disks were not shown correctly.
  • The executable ‘DellBMCLog.exe’ was modified to include improved error handling.
  • Storage Array Management Pack( and the executable ‘dellabb.exe’ was modified to add support for MD Storage Arrays (MD3000/MD3000i), both generation 1 with firmware version 06.xx.xx.xx as well as generation 2 with firmware version 07.xx.xx.xx.

Version: 3.1.1, A00
Release date: 20 Mar 2009
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2014
Importance: Recommended
File Format: Hard-Drive
File Name: DellMPv3.1.1_A00.exe
Download Type: HTTP
File Size: 3MB
Format Description: This file format consists of an archive of files that may be decompressed to a directory on the hard drive. The installation can then be done from that directory.

To ensure the integrity of your download, please verify the checksum value.
MD5: 3d4979368c8e23b2cd5c716bd0c3b409
SHA1: Not available
SHA-256: Not available

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