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Dell Wireless 5720 VZW Mobile Broadband Mini Card Driver Version,A04 Dell Latitude D630 Windows XP (32-bit)

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Dell Wireless 5720 VZW Mobile Broadband Mini Card Driver Version,A04 Dell Latitude D630 Windows XP (32-bit)

This package provides the Dell Wireless 5720 VZW Mobile Broadband Mini Card Driver and is supported on Latitude, Precision and Vostro Notebook that are running the following Windows Operating Systems: XP and Vista

Fixes & Enhancements:

  • Fixed DMBCU fails to properly program the NAI after a change of MDN
  • Fixed DUN connection assigns to gateway address
  • Fixed Readme file isn’t displayed automatically after install
  • Fixed Telus MiniCard, in NDIS Mode, will not connect.
  • Fixed WWAN radio on, after resume S3, WWAN radio will off (fail rate)
  • Fixed WWAN connection could be disconnected after switch back user
  • Fixed 2 Systray icons appears after closing DMBCU
  • Fixed Option to populate DMBCU proxy setting to IE proxy setting
  • Fixed When trying to auto connect to VPN using Dell Dragnet user gets “error code 623”
  • Fixed NVTL Phoenix MFC App stopped working resuming from Hybrid S3 on Bat
  • Fixed Help Utility displays wrong carrier logo
  • Fixed V64-DMBCU does not change network properties of WWAN device
  • Fixed User Switching: If card is in use Device Setting Panel shows Device not Found
  • Fixed SMS emergency / urgent buttons both sends SMS as emergency
  • Fixed Advance network propertiesdo not match DMBCU advance profile
  • Fixed 5720 VZW Minicard will not reconnect after resuming under Vista32
  • Enhanced performance

Version:, A04
Release date: 18 May 2009
Last Updated: 05 Mar 2014
Importance: Recommended
File Format: Hard-Drive
File Name: DELL_MULTI-DEVICE_A04_R220062.exe
Download Type: HTTP
File Size: 7MB
Format Description: This file contains a compressed (or zipped) set of files. Download the file to a folder on your hard drive, and then run (double-click) it to unzip the set of files. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

To ensure the integrity of your download, please verify the checksum value.
MD5: Not available
SHA1: Not available
SHA-256: Not available

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